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Meet the team

Strong BC Designs is a two person show founded and run by us, Fable and my mom Renae.  Based in Kelowna, BC, Canada, we have been doing crafty things together as long as I can remember.  Our love runs deep for being creative and recreating items we have seen or designing them ourselves.  One of our favourite pastimes is pointing out things we see when we are out and about and saying, "we could make that!".

Our eclectic interests can be seen in the products we offer, from powerlifting items and awards to witchy and hippy goodies, there is something for everyone in your home or on your gift list.  And of course, one of the best things we offer is customization.  We can do pretty much anything you can dream up in your mind.  So please, drop us a note and let's work together to make your vision come to life. 

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Strong BC Designs . . . but what does the BC stand for?  Yes it is true, we do live in BC, but that isn't what it stands for.  Originally we were going to call ourselves Strong But Crafty :)  But we decided to shorten it to Strong BC and haven't looked back.

Contact us

We're always looking for new and exciting things to make. Do you want us to make something just for you?  Send us your ideas or just a note to say hello!

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